Yes, we get it.
There are still over two calendar months until the big day – but what’s 10 weeks between girl friends?

Every year, you reach December 25th frazzled and financially strained, wishing you’d only given it just a little more thought with a little more time on your side

Well, regret no more.

Here’s 9 reasons why now is the perfect time to pick up the pre-Christmas momentum and get the season sorted.

1 You’re Recharged and Ready

The great thing about taking on any challenge soon after the summer holiday period, is that hopefully you’ll have had at least a short break or two in the peak sunshine months, and you’ll be more rejuvenated to embrace the task in hand.

Put that replenished energy to use while you’re still in that post-summer haze.

2 Pay Day Planning

Chances are, you may well have as many as three pay days remaining before Christmas itself.

This spread of income burst and spending period, means you’re able to create a more balanced approach to making purchases, while still staying on top of day to day outgoings.

It’s a major improvement on slapping all your food and gift spending on one big bill in a two-week window toward the end of the year.

3 Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

A bit of a well-worn phrase this one, but so very true.

The more time you give yourself to prepare for a season as massive as Christmas, the more chance you’ll have of being successful.

Take the time to write a list of all the areas of festivities which demand your attention – from who you’re buying gifts for, which parties you’ll need to host or attend, which relatives you’ll have to stay, and what food supplies will be necessary.

There’s comfort in list-preparation and the knowledge you’re ‘taking control’.

4 Delegate to Celebrate

If you want all the celebrations to go to plan on the day of Christmas itself, then start thinking about delegation NOW.

Don’t wait until the day before and start asking people to grab you a tray of mince pies, or help you with that wrapping.

By that time, everyone else is in a faff.

If you think you’ll need extra help from your friends and family with the amount that always winds up being on your plate, start those conversations early, over non-festive coffees and meet-ups. Let those trusted people know how important they are in the mix, and how much you would value their role.

5 Build in me-time

One of the more self-focused aspects of allowing yourself this extra time window, is that you’ve the luxury of being able to build in self-care touchpoints as you get closer to Christmas itself.

Leave it too ‘last minute’ and Lord knows there’s not a chance to make yourself a cup of tea, never mind get to a beauty appointment or organise a de-stress massage.

Call the beauticians and the wellbeing spas NOW and book ahead so those treats are in your diary.

6 Tick Off Travel

Likely to have to travel over Christmas? Think you’ll need to take trains or coaches to and from relatives, or help them get to you?

By booking in advance, you’ll have more chance of getting fares at the right prices, and have a greater selection of times and seat allocations.

No, you can’t guarantee there won’t be ice on the tracks, but at least you’ll have tickets in your hand early!

7 Uniquely You

Who doesn’t love a gift which has an element of personalisation to it?

With a little more time, perhaps it grants you the chance to give the kind of unique gift you’d always hoped to be able to present to your loved ones.

Instead of chasing around shops at the last minute, you might feel you’d rather create something more handmade, which calls upon your specific skills in design, cooking, making, or writing.

With more weeks left than you usually allow, perhaps you could create one gift every weekend?

8 Extra Earnings

For some, the desire to earn a little extra ahead of Christmas is a big deal.

With more weeks in your schedule, you’re able to put in requests earlier, and claw in some extra paid time.

Alternatively, you might look at these weeks for ways in which you can generate your OWN additional money pre-Christmas.

Have you time to have a stand at a car-boot sale, or to stick some items on ebay, or to put some items in an auction?

Consider the options and store the generated money in a Christmas piggy bank.

9 Miss the Mayhem

One huge plus, should you choose to do physical shopping on your local high street anytime soon, is that most people won’t have started to get their elbows out and barge their way around stores the way they will do with a few weeks to go until Christmas.

It’ll be easier to get a parking space, more restful when you stop in a café for your pit-stop, there will be less parents and children arguing in aisles of supermarkets, and you probably won’t have half as many carol-singers in your way.

Whenever you choose to ‘get started’, we wish you luck!

In the meantime, if you’ve ALREADY finished your Christmas shopping,
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