Are you making excuses about your fitness schedule because of the exceptional heat of the British summer so far? Like it or not, fitness expert Sarah Hardie is about to give you some very good ‘safe training’ tips which mean you’ll no longer need to hide away in the house with the fan on. Naturally, if the thermometer is nudging 30, you’ll want to be wary of the extreme heat when embracing your usual fitness routine. That said, there’s no need to let the balmy climate put you off your stroke and derail your efforts for a fitter physique. She says:

1 Time change

Get your workout in earlier or later. It’s much cooler in the mornings and evenings. You won’t even notice its summer.

2 Hydration

Keeping yourself hydrated is very important. With the heat we sweat more which means we are losing fluids more. So up your intake of water. Not only will it keep you cool by regulating your body temperature it helps improve your skin, cleanse your body and help your muscles and joints work better.

3 Take cover

Protect yourself from the suns hot rays. Wear a hat to keep the sun off your head and face, sunglasses to protect your eyes (and prevent wrinkles from squinting!) And of course, sun cream! You may not realise it until it’s too late so slap on that factor 50!

4 Slow it down

Training in the sunny outdoors is hard. Those sprints you did last week with ease may not be so easy this week. Don’t focus on how long it takes you to do your workout but more on getting through your workout one move at a time.

5 Buddy up

Doing your workout with a friend can be a lot of fun and its safe too. You are more likely to chat throughout, which you will find helps you keep a steady pace. Having a good gossip will enable you to speed off too much!

6 Embrace the indoors

If the heat really is too much for you then go to your local gym where he A/C will be in full force. Train as hard as your used to without any difficulties, other than the workout itself. But do still remember to hydrate as the heat no matter how hot get us all.

Whatever you do, listen to your body.

If you get the sense that you’re dehydrated, struggling for breath, or just can’t make it ‘happen’ today, sometimes a little rest and recovery is what your body is urging you toward.

Stay safe. Stay well.

And importantly….enjoy the ice-cream and summertime indulgences along the way!