Who knew.
Yes, really.
There’s ACTUALLY a day to applaud the humble cookie.
Whether you like yours perfectly plain, smothered in chocolate, or so crammed with nuts and fruit that you can scarcely taste the biscuit dough, now is the time to applaud and savour every crumb of your favourite treat.
Here’s 8 reasons our team will be embracing cookies in the Eloquently Her editorial den today.

1 We’re Done with Diets

If ever there was a day to laugh in the face of diet culture and indulge in something which genuinely tastes delicious and makes us feel good, well sister, this is it.

2 Memory Lane Moreishness

What is it about eating a certain type of cookie which immediately transports us back to sitting on the counter-top in our grandmother’s kitchen? Go retro today and pick the biscuit which most reminds you of those carefree days.

3 Anytime, Any Place

Let’s not forget that while it used to be more socially acceptable to have your biscuit somewhere around 11am and beyond (in conjunction with your coffee-time break), now, the marketing world is positively encouraging us to have BISCUITS FOR BREAKFAST.

Yes, this is the food item which can be had on the go, and enjoyed from the break of dawn, to the moment you slip into your duvet (but please….no crumbs in bed!).

4 Carbs Really are a Comfort

Sure, we know there’s a lot of magazine waffle about restricting carbs ahead of that beach holiday, but for goodness sake – it’s December!

Carbs are the thing which calm us and give us that cuddled-up feeling. No need for pans of pasta ladies. Just have a biccie.

5 Name That Flavour

Perhaps when you were a child the repertoire of biscuits in the family pantry was little more than a few digestives and an occasional gingernut.

Good Lord how things have changed.

There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of cookie choices these days, so put yourself to the test and go challenge your tastebuds today. Salted caramel anyway? Banana pecan? Apple crumble with a hint of cinnamon? Don’t mind if I do.

6 One for Me, One for You

What better way of enjoying a chinwag with a mate than over a shared packet of biscuits?

Cheap as you like, and highly transportable.

Pitch up on the doorstep of your favourite female buddy today and get your chops around some biccies while you set the world to rights.

7 Made with Love

So we’re not all blessed with Kitchen Queen status, but most of us can knock up some cookies with our own fair hands.

Chuck some butter, sugar and flour into a bowl, and you’re well on the way to creating a truly thoughtful gift.

Today’s the day for a delicious gesture for that special someone.

8 It’s Christmas, Officially

We all know that most of us starting thinking festively the very moment the calendar spilled into December, so today, you’ve even more reason to treat yourself, and to worry less about your waistline and more about sweet-treat joy.

Heck, go the whole Christmas hog and make a batch with crumbled in mince pies, and then shape them like Santa’s hat.

Anyone else got a hunger thing going on all of a sudden?