After decades spent in the glamorous world of dancing, it’s perhaps no surprise that ballroom aficionado Debbie Snashall chose her next business venture in the domain of beauty.

Now the owner of a busy beauty business, she tells Eloquently Her why the path was so appealing – and how we can all be ‘perfectly beautiful’ this summer.

THERE’S something incredibly infectious about Debbie Snashall.

In fact, if you could bottle the smile, the laugh, and the engaging conversation, it would be up there on sale with the most expensive beauty treats of all.

At 48, Debbie has led the kind of life so many would envy.

Having started in the colourful world of ballroom at the tender age of 8, she notched up competition win after competition win, before eventually securing a full-time dancing role on cruise ships.

“It’s the kind of world that you can only dream about being involved in when you’re first starting out in dance,” she says.

“There I was, sailing from one beautiful country to the next on the Fred Olsen fleet of cruise ships, living a wonderful life in luxurious surroundings, doing the very thing I loved the most – and with the man who had my heart.”

Debbie refers to her late husband Kevin.

Having been dance partners and tutors for many years, the pair eventually took the opportunity to share the professional proposition for the cruise line, and perform together to entertain the guests.

Sadly, the idyllic lifestyle faltered all too soon, when Kevin sadly succumbed to lung cancer.

“Losing Kevin was so very hard,” Debbie says.
“We were partners on the dancefloor and in every aspect of life, so to lose him – particularly at the age of just 42 – was terrible.

“But at the same time, I knew how Kevin would have wanted me to carry on. He wouldn’t have wanted me to get down and despair, so the fact that we’d not long launched a dance chaperone business meant that I had something to focus on as part of keeping his memory alive.”
Dance Afloat has been a huge success and sees Debbie sourcing dance chaperones for cruise ships throughout the world.

It’s clearly still a huge love….but so too is beauty.

“I suppose because I’ve always been in the heart of the glamorous world of dance, I have always had an interest in beauty and recognised what a role it plays in us women in particular feel confident.

“Just as I was starting to wonder whether I might explore other business ideas outside of Dance Afloat, and having followed a dream since Kevin’s death of retraining to be a beautician, I learned that a beauty business not far from where I live in East Anglia, was up for sale.

“That was it. There was no stopping me.”

Debbie opened the doors to The Beauty Barn, in Stonham Aspal, Suffolk, in August 2012.

Since that time, she has grown a team of talented beauty professionals who provide everything from hairstyling to tanning, nail beauty to reiki.

So with the summer months now upon us, what are Debbie’s top tips for feeling and looking beautiful this summer?

1. As we get older the skin is lacking in Vitamin A so take a Skin Vit A supplement everyday to plump the skin. 

2. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water

3. Take a good antioxidant daily to keep the immune system strong to help prevent allergies & hay fever etc.

4. Look after your feet. Regular pedicures all year around keep your feet sandal friendly ready for the summer

5. Always wear a good sunscreen to protect your skin. If you want that bronzed look always opt for a Fake Tan Application rather than sitting in the sun or using sunbeds.