It may only be the first week of November, but some of us are already overhauling our wardrobes for the festive season.

Yes, you heard right.

Some of us are shifting around the rail-space to squeeze in another little black dress, an office-suitable Christmas jumper, and even the ultimate ‘Christmas Day Outfit’ in which you plan to slave over the stove, entertain kids, and still look utterly flawless.

Jess Willis, a mum of two, charity trustee and craft-business owner, tells us how this plays out for her…

“I’ve always loved the Christmas season, and for as long as I can remember I’ve associated it with ‘significant outfits’ and the excitement of purchasing bold or beautiful garments which I know I’ll only wear for very limited days.

One of my fondest memories as a child was opening my gifts on Christmas Day morning and carefully working out which parcels contained the items I would end up wearing for the remainder of that day.

For me, Christmas couldn’t have been Christmas unless I could have welcomed into my wardrobe a new pair of woolly tights, a perfect winter-time dress or pinafore, and perhaps a snow-suit to wear for that afternoon walk with my siblings and parents after Christmas lunch.

I’m somewhat embarrassed, but equally quite self-accepting, that as an adult of 37, it’s now just as important to me that my Christmas Day features a ‘special outfit’ which I’ll wear for one day only.

In fact, ‘admission alert’, that one outfit has even become as many as three in recent years.

Yes, I want that knock-out Christmas dress which can feature in the photographs after lunch, and be seen years later, capturing me in all my chic-ness after a triumphant festive family meal.

But before that, I recognise that as a Mum of excited little ones, and as the woman who’ll always spend several sweaty hours in the kitchen, I need something a whole lot more practical than glam.

And before that, I need to feel I’m waking up on Christmas morning in Christmas attire.

Call me a child or juvenile or a little too festive obsessed, but my husband has long realised that I feel the need to go to bed on Christmas Eve in NEW seasonal sleepwear, just so that I can roam the house for the first few hours of December 25th in beautiful ‘Christmas Pyjamas’ while the kids unwrap their gifts.

After that, it’s a change into a sparkly or cheery festive knitted dress.

I’ve come to find the Christmas tunic dress a whole lot more comfortable for my cooking extravaganza than either a festive jumper and jeans (no restrictive waistbands allowed on this day!), or my ‘knock out’ stylish festive frock, for the latter part of the day.

So yes, I’ve already organised my three Christmas Day outfits for 2018 celebrations.

And yes, beyond that, I’ve also bought two new ‘party night’ outfits for forthcoming festive shindigs, a festive woolly to wear in my work hours in the days prior, a new coat for the season (something I do every year, no matter how much I might have loved the previous year’s winter coat), and I’m hovering over which hat, scarf and gloves selection should become my go-to for the period.

Please ladies, do tell me I’m not alone in this?

Do you update your wardrobe to allow for some festive clothing indulgences?

Have you been down this route but decided it was all getting a little obsessive? Or do you think it’s a critical component of your ability to enjoy the season?

Of course, the downside to having made the purchases already is that, with so many weeks still to go, there’s a VERY high chance I’m going to get lured toward a seasonal ASOS purchase or two in the coming weeks.

Someone hide my credit card!”

Do you have to have a certain seasonal style?
Are you a Christmas Clothes addict?
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