It’s Universal Children’s Day, a day introduced by the UN in the 1950’s, and acknowledged every year on 20th November as a way of platforming issues around ‘togetherness’ and child welfare.
In honour of that special occasion, the Eloquently Her team think it’s the very day you should be embracing your ‘inner small person’, and reminding yourself how great it feels to be ‘childlike’.
Here’s 7 ways to rekindle your childlike spirit today.

1 Laugh Out Loud.

Why is it when we step into the sombre world of adulthood, we suddenly feel so much more conscious about how we convey our joy and happiness?

Today, decide to giggle gorgeously.

Laugh out loud, whether someone is listening or not.

Laugh from your belly and remind yourself how good it feels to find humour and happiness in this complex world.

2 Fill Your Knowledge Void. Ask.

Were you the kind of kid who had to ask WHY every five minutes? Were you constantly seeking answers and explanations for the unfathomable aspects of life?

Well good on you if you were. But where did that go?

Why as an adult do we become so much more aware of the things we ‘don’t know’, and a little more fearful of asking questions publicly?

Ask someone other than Alexa today. If there’s something you don’t know, be willing to seek the answer, and to sit comfortably with your knowledge gap.

3 Dance.

No, dancing isn’t only a child’s act, but it certainly comes with a whole lot less angst and constraint when we’re childlike and more ‘free’ of our own self-image.

Go dance in the rain, in your kitchen, and even in the office kitchen if you need to – but dance, freely, and be happy you’re embracing that ‘little girl within’.

4 Colour Me Happy.

Is it any wonder adult colouring books took off in such a big way?

There’s something beautifully therapeutic about colouring, and it’s something we all used to love to do in our childhood years.

Whether with your own ‘adult version’, or painstakingly sticking to the lines of drawings in your child’s colouring book, get out your crayons and immerse yourself in a colouring-in frenzy.

5 Feast Like a Child.

Today’s the day you ditch the ‘I should’ and ‘I ought’ about your eating habits.

Remember as a kid, how you just consumed for energy and for joy and for the sheer love of that cake or cookie or mug of hot chocolate.

Heck, we hear you!

Pour yourself that delicious hot chocolate, dunk in a huge cookie and slurp it for all your worth.

Be childlike. Be delighted that you can embrace your sugar-loving demon today.

6 Clashing Clothes and Odd Socks.

Okay, so we’re not saying you have to pitch up to work in the most unfashionable atrocious outfit, but hey, perhaps at the very least you could allow yourself a slightly less preened and perfectly groomed look to your day.

If kids can pull on odd socks and go the majority of the day without looking in the mirror or worrying what others think…can’t we? Go on, it’s only for one day after all.

7 Early to Bed.

And one more offering which we’re hoping you might get the chance to do.

Nothing beats the kind of cosy pyjama night you used to have as a child.

We’re recommending you shut the curtains early, slip on your pyjamas WAY sooner than you shoot, eat a bowl of cereal, and throw your troubles out the door.

Isn’t childhood great?