They say if you can count the number of friends you have on one hand, then that’s a lot. Most of us have five fingers, and I’d bet that your five friends fall under these following categories. Friendships come along – some stick, some don’t – but they all enrich our lives, one way or another. Here are the five every woman should have in her life. (And I bet you do).

1 The Pusher.

This is the friend that will tell you to quit your dead-end job and start up that etsy business selling toy monkeys made from old socks that you’ve been talking about for years. She’s the one who’ll tell you to leave your bloke, and when you do, she’ll be the one signing you up for Tinder leaving you to wonder if you ever agreed to it or not. She’ll tell you to go back to college and retrain and when you’re there, she’ll read your essays and give you notes. When you’re booking a holiday, she’ll encourage you to go further afield than you thought you were capable of and spend more money than you actually have. She is widely busy, doing some kind of high-powered job that you don’t fully understand but assume from the constant ringing of her phone that she is very good at.

You need her because: That monkey sock thing could make you your first million.

2 The Travel Buddy.

No matter what’s going on in her life, she’ll drop everything for a holiday. A born wanderer, she’ll also be the friend who has the most friends outside of you and your circle, because she talks to everyone wherever she goes. Travel is like a religion to this friend, a cure for almost all ills. You’ll say, ‘I’ve just broke up with my boyfriend’ and she’ll say ‘let’s book a holiday’, you’ll say, ‘I’ve just lost my job’ and she’ll say ‘let’s book a holiday’, you’ll say: ‘I’ve gained weight’ and she’ll say, ‘let’s book a holiday’. You say: ‘I’ve been in a car accident, I can’t feel my face and these shoes are most definitely ruined’, she’ll say, well you get the idea. The holiday is the solution and she is always up for accompanying you, be it a European city break, a Caribbean cruise or glamping in the Cotswolds. Completely easy going, she can entertain herself when you get there and doesn’t insist on every activity being a joint excursion, meaning trips with her are the most fulfilling you can have with a friend. She has an Instagram Thomas Cook is envious of and she can pack her entire world in less than twenty minutes.

Why you need her: Cambodia 2002. Need I say more.

3 The not-your-sister sister

You’ve been friends for longer than forever and she knows you better than you know yourself. You’ve shared everything from beds to boyfriends and stuck together through it all. Now you have a wealth of memories, in-jokes (most of which can now be communicated with a well-timed look) between you and you can be confident of one constant in your life no matter what. She can rock up to your family parties and not be weirded out by your 32-year-old cousin who still plays pokemon cards and you can tell her all your most embarrassing anecdotes, because she can always remember something worse. New pals can find it hard to hang out with you and your not-sister sister at first, because the vastness of your shared past can be ostracising. But she’ll win them over by telling them about your first boyfriend (that one with the magic winning combo of both a motorbike and a speech impediment) or that time you got a perm.

Why you need her: Because you can’t remember who you are without her.

4 The Mum

This is the friend you can go to for advice on anything and everything from STIs to ISAs. She is unflappable, unshockable and can make the best cup of tea this side of Watford Gap. The very definition of the word friend, she looks after the rest of you in a way that you previously thought only your real mother could. She usually organises the get-togethers, always has a clean house, a well-stocked fridge that she doesn’t mind sharing. She’d worked out what her signature dish was when she was eleven and can knit. On unruly hen weekends, she’s the one who writes the address of your hotel down and hands it out to everyone’s ‘just in case’. Often a Mum herself, she does as great job of nurturing her friends as she does her children.

Why you need her: Think you’d find your way back to that hotel? Think again.

5 The fun time friend

Sometimes, when you’re full of advice (see friend 4), skint from that holiday (see friend 2) and tired from that yoga teacher training course you signed up to but only completed half of (see friend 1) all you really need is laughter – the best medicine outside of vodka. And she can usually bring both! A natural comedian with ‘funny’ right down to her bones, she can brighten any situation with a witty insight or an uncanny impression. Equally as up for a cheap pint and a Nandos as she is cocktails you need to take out a mortgage for, this girl makes you laugh like nobody else and shines wherever she is. She’s a great gossip and storyteller, not afraid of a glitter lip gloss or an un-ironic fringed jackets. She’ll be first up on the karaoke and can make the most depressing of rainy weekends at the end of the month feel like Benidorm in the 80s. She’s also the friend that will hold your hair for you after too many of those subprime cocktails – she’ll see the funny side and be ready to mock you mercilessly once you’re done.

Why you need her: I mean. Imagine your hair for a start. Ew.