What if we could tell you how many hours you’d spend scouring social media in 2018?

What if it was possible for us to tell you precisely how long you had lost yourself in the Facebook posts of others, lusted after an outfit on someone’s Instagram feed, or got side-tracked by one Twitter conversation or other?

If that’s already making your skin prickle with the sense of discomfort and embarrassment, then this is for you.

Instead of going into 2019 in danger of losing the same excessive barrage of time in the world of social media, why not take a moment to think of some of the other more constructive hobbies, habits and wellbeing activities you might push into those wasted time-slots instead?

Could journaling, meditation, or just picking up a paintbrush, be a more constructive and therapeutic solution?

Here’s our thoughts on options to consider when you’re tempted by that envy-inducing world online.

1 Baking Therapy

Here at Eloquently Her, we’ve made no secret of being bake-off fans, and we’ve featured several women who’ve created businesses around cake making and the like.

Getting in the kitchen for some bake time doesn’t need to mean that you’ll be capable of a first-rate creation which would win Paul Hollywood’s approval, but it can be incredibly relaxing and rewarding to turn out a batch of cookies, a loaf of bread, or even a home-spun Victoria Sponge as a gesture to that caring friend.

Want to take it further? Grab yourself some info on what courses are taking place at your local colleges. Many offer evening options and part time schedules.

2 Meditation

You don’t have to have the intention of becoming a meditation obsessive, and packing your bags to go and live in a far-flung retreat, but just dabbling in a little mindfulness and meditation can really quieten the mind.

Times when we would have disappeared in a world of social media are often ones where our brain is craving the need for calm and understanding.

There are a zillion meditation apps and the like these days, or you could literally just shut yourself in a quiet room, focus on the wall in front of you and promise yourself 20 minutes of uninterrupted peace, listening to your breath.

3 Conversation

Why are you looking in at others’ lives on social media when you could be sitting with a friend having a natter, going for a ‘walk n talk’, or picking up the phone to that person you’ve neglected to speak with in recent months.

Conversation is great for health and happiness, and social media really is no appropriate alternative for this.

4 Journalling

How many years is it since you wrote a diary extract?

Perhaps you did this regularly as a child?

There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that journaling is great for our mind and soul, allowing us to let out some of our anxieties and angst on paper – all in complete privacy.

This could be a great way of starting to ‘let out’ how you’re feeling about certain situations, but also to help you reflect on things you’re feeling grateful for.

It’s another reason to go treat yourself to a beautiful stationery addition!

5 Craft

Never quite got around to that jewellery class you considered several years back?

Not picked up a paintbrush since school?

Often wondered whether you might enjoy the world of pottery?

Make this the year that you consider and embrace the kind of craft which you feel would deliver you a sense of satisfaction, and would become a far more suitable distraction than the unhelpful world of social media.

Ask around among friends for courses and hobbies they’ve tried, or visit your local library to find up to date listings of workshops. You’ll also find plenty of resources online…..but just don’t get drawn into facebook while you’re there!