If you’re an avid Radio Two listener in the mornings, you’ll know there’s been plenty of chat over recent weeks about who might step into the breakfast-time slot and replace Chris Evans.
This week, one of the front-running favourites was announced as that selected ‘next in line’.
Yes, it’s none other than Zoe Ball.

We in the Eloquently Her team are thrilled to hear this perky lass is becoming the show’s latest custodian – and no, it’s not JUST because it happens to put a female into that spot.

Here’s our team’s five big reasons for cheering the decision.

1 She’s the Lass Next Door

There’s something incredibly likeable about Zoe’s warm, chatty style, and her willingness to poke fun at herself.

She’s a woman who seems truly comfortable in her own skin and there’s many a time when you’ll hear her on air in her various other programmes, expressing genuine empathy or emotion for the stories and individuals she’s discussing.

Sure, she was know as personifying the ladette culture and partying hard back in the day, but that’s even more reason we’re loving seeing what’s emerged from the latest chapter in Zoe’s world.

2 She Gets ‘Stuck in’ for a Cause

As a result of the devastating death of her boyfriend Billy, she secured a place in all our hearts when she carried out her Sport Relief cycle quest to raise awareness of mental health, depression and suicide.

It was a massive undertaking, but really evidenced her commitment to spread the word and campaign in the name of Billy.

Brave and brilliant.

3 She Knows Her Stuff

Don’t forget, this is the woman who was the first solo female presenter on BBC Radio 1, so how terrific that she’s now the first female to hold the Radio 2 breakfast time slot.

But that’s not her only presenting accomplishments, nor her only part in the world of music and entertainment.

We’ve also seen her honing her presenting genius on Strictly’s aftermath programme, and in a more recent weekend morning show, inviting numerous interviewees into her fold.

Oh, and as she’s the daughter of Johnny Ball and the ex wife to Fat Boy Slim, it’s just two more reasons why she’s ‘through and through’ a woman made to be in both music and entertainment.

4 Imperfectly Perfect

Isn’t it great to see a woman achieving such great career triumphs regardless of the fact that her life hasn’t been a bed of roses, and that she’s not the most preened and poised of all female celebrities out there?

As a woman nearing 50, and with a broken marriage behind her, other heartache and tragedies, she’s the kind of woman we all ought to bring to mind more, when we’re busy obsessing over the ridiculously ‘perfect’ seeming Instagram and Facebook pictures which our nearest and dearest might be posting.

5 Guy’s Girl; Woman’s Woman

Every now and then you find the kind of female icon who you know both males and females in a room would feel utterly comfortable with. Zoe is one of those.

She’s the kind who oozes credibility, and yet compassion. Empathy, and yet energetic enthusiasm for life. Chaps are going to be just as happy as us girls about her new role at BBC Radio 2.

Good on you Zoe. Roll on 2019.