So it’s finally looking like the Autumnal weather is on its way and that we’re getting set to hunker down for another winter season.
Time to get your winter wardrobe out this weekend? Possibly. But also the perfect time for an Autumnal overhaul at home.
Here’s five reasons that NOW is the perfect week for doing just that.

We’ve always been told about Spring Cleans and the idea of refreshing the house ahead of the sunnier months, but what happens at the other end of the annual calendar?
Should we merely slip from summer into Autumn without a second thought for a revised approach to our décor?

Should we heck.

At Eloquently Her, we’ve been chatting about some of the tips and tricks we have which optimise this early Autumn period as a means of helping us fall ‘back in love’ with our home… and getting it set for a snuggly winter.

1 Cosy Nights and Comfier Days

Yes, this is the time of year when you’re all the more likely to take time snuggled on the sofa watching a good movie.

Therefore, you need the kind of textures and treats which are going to make you want to wrap yourself up and escape from the battering wind when you step inside after that Sunday afternoon walk in the woods (ahhhh….the romance of it!).

Now is the ideal time to dig out the throws and rugs, or to hot-foot it to some in-person or online stores in order that you discover gorgeous soft blankets and wraps to adorn your furniture. Cashmere anyone?

2 Kit Out the Kitchen

You’ve lived off months of salads and light bites, but now you need to start nurturing the mind and body again – with wintry wholesome food.

A quick chat in our office revealed that 75% of us have started seeking out the slow-cooker and the stove-top devices, with the thought of more long-cook soups and stews.

You can pick up a slow-cooker super cheap these days, and some also have as many as 15 different settings, allowing you to tackle such things as perfect rice-cooking, or even overnight porridge-prep.

3 DIY Diva

If you consider yourself someone who’s pretty good at mucking in and tackling a home-décor job of their own, then now is the ideal time to do some DIY and get things ship-shape.

It’s not so darned cold that you can’t open the windows after your painting job, and yet it’s not so hot that you feel furious that you’re missing out on quality sun-bathing and garden socialising.

Take a trip to the local DIY store or paint emporium and get your eyes fixed on some of the more wintry comforting hues. Our tip is to go for anything that mentions the word chocolate, truffle or caramel!

4 Host with the Most

If you love to have people over for meals, or to invite friends to stay, there’s a good argument that this is the ideal time?

Why? Well, it doesn’t quite eat into the festive period, and yet, people are back from their summer holidays and would likely welcome the chance to escape and get something a little different in their diary.

It also encourages you to tart-up that forgotten spare room, and to see your home through the eyes of a visitor. What small touches could you make to give it a real uplift? Is it time you cleared the cobwebs from that spare room which last saw a guest in the Christmas of 2012?

5 And Finally…

It’s nearly Christmas.

Well, it’s three months away, but still, it’s likely to be a time when the house sees more daily visits from friends and family, and when it’s going to become a complete frenzy of cooking, gift wrapping, seasonal decorating – and so much more.

Prepping your house now, and just having it in such an order that you know where the gingerbread cutters are and what you did with last year’s leftover Christmas cards, will make you feel so mega efficient you might as well re-brand yourself Mrs Christmas.