How’s the early-year slog going ladies?
Finding it a struggle to battle your way back into the office after the festive season?
Tired of the dark mornings and the dreary cold climate that we come to recognise as January in the UK?

If you’re not careful, that sense of sluggish wintry doom can very soon start to have an impact on your professional mojo.

What’s more, it could hold you back on those great business ideas and entrepreneurial antics you’d intended to embrace for 2019.

Enough already!

Pause the angst and let us help us through.

Here’s Eloquently Her’s suggestions for four great ways to restore your go-getting business spirit and grant your commercially minded brain a boost for the year ahead.

1 Be a Bookworm Business Diva

Yes, we know your grandmother used to stress the importance of reading and embracing a thirst for literature, but it’s true – reading really does have huge power.

If we can suggest you turn over one new leaf in the year ahead (or should that be ‘page’?) it’s that you scour some bookshelves, flick through Amazon’s store, or reacquaint yourself with the local library (if you can even remember where it is!).

Research repeatedly suggests that those who read often are more informed, more open-minded, and have better mental health.

When it comes to business, you can be sure you’ll learn something you can apply to your enterprise.

It doesn’t even matter that you choose to scoop up a ‘business specific’ book. Something related to mindfulness, decision making, time management – or an autobiography on anyone from Michelle Obama to Miranda Hart.

2 Plan to Rest

Sure, you’ve only just come back into the world of work after a long stint of lounging around and eating Quality Streets in your pyjamas, but listen up – rest and relaxation matters.

If you’re the kind of businesswoman who plans everything except your holidays and regular ‘break-aways’, then it’s time you shifted the pattern.

Make 2019 the year you’re as fastidious about planning ‘time off’ as time ‘in’ the business you run or lead.

We all know our physical and mental wellbeing suffers when we live our lives trying to be all things to all people.

You can be sure you’ll be doing your business brain a great deal of good by setting intention well in advance and getting holidays and R&R time well and truly scheduled in your agenda for the coming 12 months.

3 Slim Down Your Social Obsession

Staring at your phone, ipad or other techie device from the moment you wake up until the last few moments before you close your eyes?

Is that REALLY all for work?

Or are you falling into the trap of wasting too much time looking at the pictures and lives of others on social media?

We’re not suggesting you have to ditch your use of social media altogether to be effective in business or to enjoy a more successful year, but certainly applying a little more restraint could be in order.

Give yourself limited periods in which you’ll allow yourself to wade through social media dribble if you must, but even then, be stern on yourself about unfollowing negative influences, or stepping away from unhelpful conversations or feeds which won’t truly elevate your spirit and your brain power.

4 Feed Your Fire

No matter how great your business ideas, your intent or your self discipline in the world of work, you truly can’t achieve all that you would want to, without fuelling appropriately for the task in hand.

Say no to diet culture and ‘deprivation dialogue’ this January.

Ignore the boring banter around ‘clean’ and puritanical food regimes.

Fully consider what your body ‘needs’ you to feed it in order to allow yourself to thrive.

Does that mean treating yourself to foods which you may sometimes have labelled ‘naughty’? Does it mean occasionally firing your belly with a few more calories than your colleague is ‘allowing herself’? Absolutely.

See yourself as a machine with great potential for the year ahead.

You can’t run that machine without the right fuel and the right maintenance.

Nourish well, and you’ll be unstoppable.

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