Brrr. It’s starting to feel chilly, and those darker days aren’t helping our spirits.
So what’s the answer? Do we hibernate beneath the duvet, soothe our soul with mountains of chocolate…or maybe get a winter vacation in the diary.
UK travel website Wegoplaces has compiled six strategies for making the most of your holiday days this winter.
Here’s their insight for Eloquently Her.

1 Anticipate your trip

The enjoyment of your trip actually begins weeks or even months before your holiday begins. One study of holidaymakers showed that almost all the happiness happened before the vacation started because they were anticipating their holiday.

2 Do enjoyable things

Spend holiday days doing pleasurable and enjoyable things. Researchers who asked people to report moods through the day found they were happiest when socializing, relaxing, exercising, doing spiritual activities, eating and being intimate with their other half.

3 Spend time in nature

Being outside and surrounded with greenery and water has been shown to improve mood. Research proves that even a brief encounter with something natural like a flower, for example can elevate one’s mood.

4 Have more small trips

If you’re trying to decide how to use your holiday days, always opt for quantity over “once in a lifetime”. Smaller pleasures that are experienced frequently contribute more to overall well-being than major but less infrequent ones

5 Rejuvenate yourself

One study showed the recuperation was facilitated by free time for one’s self, warmer (and sunnier) vacation locations, exercise during vacation, good sleep and making new acquaintances, especially among vacationers who reported a high level of work stress before their trip.

6 End on a high note

The human brain gives outsized consideration to things that happened last in a series. This is called the “recency effect” and means that the end of your trip is more easily remembered than the beginning.

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