Launched on International Women’s Day 2018, Eloquently Her is a multimedia platform unashamedly designed to share the stories and experiences of today’s woman.

We’re on something of a mission, in this world of ‘over-share’ and ‘generation discontent’.

We want to help inform, engage and celebrate. Ours is a desire to lessen the unhelpful absorption of ‘envy thy neighbour’ type content, and instead to provide dialogue which yes, may at times be aspirational, but is equally empathetic, insightful, empowering and sincere.

We’re proud to be storytellers – storytellers with the conviction of our elders, the frailties of our hectic ‘today world’, and the courage and ambition of tomorrow’s daughters.

We’re always looking for corporate partners and collaborators who align with our vision, appreciate our storytelling, or want to reach our audience of intelligent, insightful, women with conscience.

As a company, we deliver a number of concepts and opportunities which allow you to benefit from our expertise and our expanding community.

The following provides detail of our current commercial scenarios, but we welcome the chance to discuss further programmes or initiatives you may wish us to run for you and your business or organisation.

Escapes and Events

We host a number of events and retreats throughout the UK, specifically geared at women.

Our retreats include a one or two night package and are usually centred on a key theme, with appropriate presenters and workshop hosts.

For the Autumn of 2018, we have two provisional weekend retreats available.

If you are interested to know more, please email us at

Events are updated and mailed to our subscribers regularly, and our magazine content will provide you with more detail about our event hosts and contributors.

We welcome inputs from those wishing to present at our events.

Story Studio

Businesses, charities, individuals, and informal community groups can all benefit from our unique storytelling studio provision.

We’re pleased to offer a variety of packages which allow you to secure our interviewing and content-capture resource.

We tailor our studio solution accordingly, but some of our off-the-shelf solutions include:

Brand You

A personal package featuring pre-camera styling, interview tips, a recorded interview featuring you as the interviewee, professional stills (provided in digital format), and a 1200 word article about your story / business journey, or, alternatively, two items of content for your own blog or website.


Corporate CV

Geared to those seeking a professional content approach to a workplace CV. Ideal for those entering the world of work, or seeking to be on the radar of executive search consultants.

Pre-film styling and interview tips, recorded interview, professional stills, business-themed article about you and your career, or editorial output for a blog, or a professionally tailored revision of your existing CV.


Group Corporate

A corporate booking allowing for the capture of several interviews. We’ll work with you to provide a bespoke package which may include individual interviews with key staff, or a round-table discussion scenario, or a presenter-led panel debate.

Footage can be branded accordingly, and will be accompanied by stills photography of those present and a 1200 word B2B piece of editorial about the business, suitable for your online or media use.

Training additions can be included where required.


A Story to Remember

This is a perfect option for those seeking to capture the story of a beloved friend or family member, or those wishing to tell the story of their community activity, campaign or social undertaking.

We can tailor the story development according to your needs and deliver a full package with accompanying stills and any required advisory around digital marketing of your unique story.


Round-Table Debate

We love this product for those who are in a business or sector which ‘has a lot to say’. You provide us with the theme, and we’ll facilitate a journalistically led debate, which can be captured on video for your own website or additional online output.

We can also provide a full 1200 word insight feature about the debate, which can be shared as an article online and via your social channels.


Eloquently Emporium

Not so much a place of goods, as a place of giving.

Our unique emporium features a handful of identified offerings at any one time which might be the key to your passion and purpose.

Off the shelves of our mini-boutique, pick yourself that ‘me-time’ respite break, secure yourself half a dozen sessions with a mindfulness coach, grab a day’s volunteering in the woodlands of British countryside, or select a one-to-one with a business mentor.

Purchases made from our emporium are automatically ‘giving back’ to the universe. We feature six female-focused charities or causes at any one time, and you take a pick as to who should benefit from 10% of your purchase price.

Our Social Enterprise

We didn’t feel it would be enough for Eloquently Her to merely tell the stories of female accomplishment or triumph over adversity.

We wanted to make ourselves one of the first niche media communities to get ‘stuck right in’ and evidence our supportive and empathetic commitment, through cause-related community-interest work.

To that end, Eloquently Her has a social enterprise, through which we channel commercially accrued income, in order to deliver our unique programme of work with women.

The social enterprise is in its infancy, but among our core deliverables are:

Working with women in hardship and disadvantaged sectors of the community, through the provision of literacy and storytelling education

Providing internship to women who are seeking to return to the world of employment after a period of imprisonment, or in the case of fleeing domestic abuse and particular suffering

Helping charities and individuals to capture stories of women who have used their lifeline services to turn a corner in their lives

If you would like to know more about this work, please get in touch with our founder directly.