Whatever your faith, and indeed, even if you don’t have a particular religious interest, you’ll probably know that today is the 12th day of Christmas, and, more formally, labelled ‘Epiphany Day’.

Not only is this your cue to get the tree down and officially declare the festive season over, but it’s the day that, in the Christian calendar, is considered to be when three kings arrived for their visit to baby Jesus.

It marked a handing over of gifts, after a lengthy journey in which the three kings followed a star in a quest to find the new arrival.

With our Self Care Sunday theme in mind, here’s three prompts from the Epiphany story to encourage you to focus on your wellbeing and self-love today.

1 1) Gifts and Kindness are a Story as Old as Time.

Gifting loved ones or special people has been a ‘thing’ pretty much forever. Increasingly, however, we women are often made to feel we’re the last on the list who ought to be in receipt of something beautiful, thoughtful or unique.

Pack away the guilt in the year ahead, grow more comfortable with accepting kindness, and yes, treat yourself to the occasional gift when it’s time to celebrate a personal triumph or reward your steadfast resolve against adversity.

2 2) Visits and Visiting are Vital to Self Care.

We all know that social isolation is a larger problem in the modern world than it ever was.

You don’t need to travel the many thousands of miles we suspect the three kings of having done, but a regular visit to a friend, or to a neighbour or a distant loved one, could be the ideal inclusion in your 2019 diary in order to ensure you’re getting ample social time and interaction.

The feel-good associated with companionship is obvious, plus you’ll always come away from a conversation or shared moment with a new perspective or understanding.

3 3) Find Your Own Guiding Star to Maintain Focus.

It’s said that the three kings followed a shining star for their lengthy journey, and stayed true to the course.

Too often, we women suffer doubt and waiver from our intended path because we fear the upheaval the quest might entail, or wonder whether we’re ‘capable’ of such a journey.

This year, consider what your goals truly are in your heart for the coming months, and be accountable to yourself about following your own ‘shining star’ toward this landmark.

Your ‘star’ may be the equivalent of journaling your progress, or simply observing your growing personal strength through mindfulness and meditation. Be guided by a light which calls you.

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