Fancy a retreat? Want it to be something a little more than just white dressing gowns and meditation music?

We could have the answer.

Eloquently Her has been chatting to one of the founders of Mums in Business Association, about their sell-out female-only retreat concept.

When you’re time-starved and yet too stressed to take time out, how do you ever fully recharge?

We all love the idea of a restorative holiday, but sometimes, even just a short-burst respite might be what the doctor ordered to get our mojo back.

That’s particularly the case if you’re a female juggling business (possibly of your own creation), and perhaps parenthood too.

No wonder then, that there’s more and more short-fix retreats and vacations with a focus on the busy professional.

One that’s arrived new to the scene this year is the Mums in Business Association Retreat (and for those of you not in the throes of parenthood, please don’t quit reading. We’re assured it’s for ‘Any Woman’).

Estelle Keeber and Leona Burton are the dynamic duo who set up MIBA in June 2017 and have already featured in all kinds of media, as well as scooping prestigious business awards.

As stressed-out sisters, and mums to seven children between them, they set up their association initially as an online support group for women like them.

“We wanted to simply provide a place where women could share the ups and downs of running a business, whilst also being a Mum,” says Estelle.

“We recognised there were many platforms out there for businesswomen, and many parenting websites, but we were trying to pull together a community which sat across the two.

“The reaction was incredible from the get-go. We were faced with a huge influx of women, all wanting to share and discuss the very unique challenges around launching or building a business, while being a mother – either as a single parent, or within a relationship.”

The audience grew and grew, to such an extent that it spawned a desire for more than just some online conversation.

From the initial forum followed webinars, tutorials, a best-selling book of personal stories – and eventually, an immersive retreat.

“Certainly we never set out to create holidays for women, but we were taking feedback from our followers all the time, and the more we offered, the more people wanted to engage with,” continues Estelle.

“Eventually, we realised that what we seemed to be getting toward was the idea of an holistic getaway, which business mums (or women without children) could come to for a few days, learn something, share issues, and yet also have a great laugh and feel they’d escaped for a bit.”

The first such event took place in May this year at Nanpanthan Hall in Loughborough.

An English Heritage property, it provided the perfect two-day retreat setting.

Estelle explains: “We pulled in some fabulous speakers and trainers to cover things like branding, photography, goal-setting – and then meditation, numerology, and how to find ‘that book inside of you’.

“It was a huge mix of topics, and we even had a burlesque exercise class and a makeover session, not to mention our ‘White Party’ and three-course meal.”

Such was the feedback from the first retreat that the sisters sold out places for their 2019 UK retreat (in Derbyshire) within 48 hours.

As a result, they’re now in the planning stages of another UK option, and a further one to take place abroad, given that Leona has very recently moved to Spain.

“We couldn’t be more excited – and shocked – by what we’ve created,” says Estelle.

“It’s a genuine pleasure to be creating something which is meeting the needs of so many women, and which allows us to be involved with some incredibly inspirational females from around the world.

“There’s no way we could have predicted that within 18 months of launching something like this online forum, we would be bestselling self-published authors, have our own incredible business network, and be creating sell-out retreats.

“It’s been the most fantastic ride so far, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.”

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