Spring Forward, Fall Back.
Yes, it’s the weekend for the clocks to push back one hour and give us a further 60 minutes of slumber beneath the duvet.
What’s that you say? Want to fight your inner-sloth and put that additional hour to good use? We hear you sister!
Here’s six ways that a smart and savvy woman can put one extra hour to good use this weekend.

1 No-Rush Nourishing

Whether or not you typically take a slower and more deliberate approach to your breakfast time on a Sunday, this is the perfect day to do so.

It’s the day to linger over making something nourishing, rather than jamming that toast down your throat whilst feeding the dog, answering emails and blow-drying your hair.

We all know we benefit from the Breakfast Like a King approach, so allow yourself some time to consider what your body might be craving on this extended day. Feed your stomach, feed your mind, feed your soul.

2 Meditate to Medicate

What could be better than using that early additional hour to sit in silence or solitude and take some time for a controlled piece of meditation?

Not all of us have worked this me-time concept into our lives on a daily basis, and certainly many of us won’t have had formal training in the rights and wrongs of ‘proper’ meditation, but that doesn’t stop you allowing yourself the space and opportunity to sit alone, concentrate on your breathing, and focus mindfully on something which calms you.

Who knows, it could be the first day of a new ritual in your life!

3 Wrap Up, Walk Out

Sure, it’s going to be super chilly stepping out from under the duvet on a dark morning, but how might you feel for putting that extra hour to good use for a pre-dawn walk?

Kick through some leaves, breathe in that early cool air, and get your blood pumping in time for that hearty breakfast.

And you know what, if you don’t fancy doing it first thing, we’re not going to judge if you decide your Autumnal walk works better before you snuggle up in the afternoon with a box-set.

4 Autumnal Amnesty

How many of us are still flip-flopping between wintry clothes and lighter summery ones?

This strange recent period of weather has meant that a great number of us will have been a little flustered over whether to fully pack up the sunny outfits in favour for the woolly pullies.

In one hour, you could nail this – and issue an amnesty which allows you to part with tragically purchased items you never should have been seen in, or ones which are frankly, way too worn out to deserve a place in your Autumn wardrobe.

Get sorting!

5 Letters and Lists

Two options in one here.

Pour yourself a cup of tea, sit at your desk or breakfast bar, and pen yourself something which ultimately going to result in a truly triumphant feeling.

If you’ve not penned a letter for a while, or even so much as a notecard, use this hour to stick your kind words of encouragement or appreciation to a loved one, before mailing it in the post.

Alternatively, if letters aren’t your thing, but you still want to exercise some worded wisdom, go for the option of penning yourself a mantra, or a list, or something which is going to ‘keep you on track’ in the coming weeks.

6 Oh Go On Then – Stay In Bed

It’s only fair we give you this option.

If your mind and body are craving some more rest, and you’ve been fighting the physical and emotional plea from within over recent months, now is your ultimate and perfect excuse to listen to what your body needs.

Stay in bed. Pull the duvet up a little higher, and nestle in for more shut-eye, or just an indulgent flick through that book or film.

It’s your hour. Use it.