They’re calling it a miracle-worker for the hair, and everyone from Drew Barrymore to Lady Gaga is said to love it.

What are we talking about?

Olaplex of course.

This beauty saviour for our luscious locks is said to be perfect for those of us who’ve over-coloured, over-styled, over-experimented (you get the deal!).

It may once have been the secret remedy for the A listers and the catwalk queens, but now we’re all falling in love with it, thanks to a huge number of high street salons embracing its miraculous powers.

So what’s the deal?

How does it work, what can we expect, and is it worth your extra cash the next time you’re in for a salon session?

We’ve torn stylist Amanda Williams, of Donatos Hair Design, away from the scissors and straighteners to discuss the benefits.

Here’s her wisdom on Olaplex:

Repair as well as prevent

It’s not often I get to shout about a product to my clients that really does REPAIR as well as prevent damage.

I was sceptical when I first encountered Olaplex, as we see no end of new hair treatments coming into the market, but this one has clearly taken things up a notch.

It was devised in California and is effectively a new ‘molecule’ which strengthens and repairs the hair wherever it has been compromised.

Even broken and split hairs are bonded back together, which immediately makes hair feel thicker, stronger – and look super shiny.

Who is it good for?

To be honest, I’m recommending it to pretty much everyone, and no-one disputes that it’s worth the extra time and small amount of money uplift in the salon chair.

We’re all guilty of using styling tools too often, or colouring our hair – or just getting too much sun damage.

This really serves as a solution to all of that.

I’ve seen women who’ve done years and years worth of repeated damage to their hair, and within even the first treatment they’re noticing an incredible difference in how their hair feels to touch and to look at.

Is it Expensive?

No – not when you consider what a miracle worker it is.

It’s usually applied for a few minutes in the salon as part of your hair-washing process, and there’s an extra charge because of the product itself.

Typically, you might be looking at something like £20 for the addition of having Olaplex.

How often do you recommend?

That’s entirely up to you. You could be doing it weekly if you wanted to, and I know some clients have taken to having it as something they use at home every week without fail.

As a stylist, I’m really impressed and excited by it. It’s a game-changer.

**Amanda Williams is a stylist at Suffolk’s Donato’s Hair Design. Contact her and her team on 01473 713477.