How do you pick the perfect perfume? How do you ensure that the scent you select has you smelling more like a fresh-as-a-daisy femme fatale, rather than having the whiff of your late Auntie Mabel? We’ve been chatting to Donna Robinson, fragrance supremo at beauty company I Love Cosmetics, for her top tips.

1  Scent and fragrance are an essential part of a beauty routine. Don’t save perfume ‘for best’. At I Love, we’re often talking about the difference the right scent can make to your mood and your daily experiences. Treat yourself everyday.

2  A new season is, in my view, the absolute perfect time to revisit your perfume collection. Just as your fashion and beauty choices change from winter to summer, it stands to reason that your fragrance preference would too.
Take the opportunity of the summer to embrace a fresher lighter vibe with your choice of perfume. And given that so many of us will be passing through airport duty free in the coming weeks, what better time to test options out?

3  Summer signals being outdoors, enjoying barbecues and taking part in beach activities.
Did you know that scents are greatly influenced by temperature?
Heat causes a fragrance to evaporate faster or project further; this is why summer and winter scents often differ.
That doesn’t mean you should slather more of your perfume on and risk causing people to pass out for the first 20 minutes you’re in a room, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the level of fragrance may not hang around you quite so long.

4  Summer scents tend to encapsulate the spirit of summer. They are light, fresh, feminine & floral.
This summer in particular, it’s all about crisp citrus like our Elderflower Fizz or delicate florals such as our English Rose.

5  When you’re at the stage of shopping for the perfect scent, consider that it’s a process which should not be rushed, and is affected by how you test the perfume.
We recommend:

  • Have a look at the notes within the fragrance – The top notes are the notes you will be able to smell first, the middle notes are the heart of the fragrance and the base notes bring depth to the fragrance. They are often the ones that will last the longest.
  • Read the fragrance story – this should help you get a feel for the type of scent it is & whether it matches your personality.
  • Try it on your skin – Fragrances can smell different on each person so give it a try before you buy.

6  It’s always so disappointing when that scent you love, fades all too quickly.
To make your fragrance last longer, layer up your favourite scent by using the same body wash, body butter & body mist fragrance on top of each other.
For even better results, prep the skin with an exfoliator and use unscented soaps and lotions so your fragrance doesn’t compete with your other beauty essentials.

Donna Robinson