Ever had one of those moments where you wonder whether the fight continues to be worth it? Have you felt frustrated at inertia in your business world?
Have you doubted your own personal or professional abilities because of the ugly face of rejection staring at you? We know that feeling, and we know it well.

It’s not always easy to keep reminding yourself to ‘keep on keeping on’, but there are plenty of examples of incredible women who have faced rejection, who refused to be beaten, and who have subsequently gone on to achieve phenomenal acclaim or success.

To keep you on track with your own ambitions and aspirations, here’s three such women.

1 JK Rowling

We know her as the author of the Harry Potter books, which have gone on to place her as one of the top selling authors of all time.

But despite the fact that JK Rowling has been responsible for hundreds of millions of books being sold, and for sparking literary love among children everywhere, it’s true that she faced a huge amount of rejection before seeing her ‘idea’ brought to life.

A total of 12 publishing houses rejected this phenomenal author’s manuscript.

Determined not to give up, however, she pushed on through and received a £1,500 advance from Bloomsbury. The rest, as they say, is history!

2 Anna Wintour

In the book ‘Winners’, Anna Wintour reveals that she was sacked as fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar.

She claims it was a good thing and says she believes there’s merit in having setbacks.

There’s no denying this is an ENORMOUSLY successful and resilient woman. She’s the editor of American Vogue and has consistently proved herself to be a respected voice in her industry.

3 Oprah Winfrey

She’s the woman many have said would make an exceptional President of the United States, she’s consistently topped the list of highest earners in the States (and indeed globally), and she’s held with such regard that there’s hardly a celebrity or star who hasn’t shared a moment being interviewed with or by her.

Yes, Oprah Winfrey is an undeniable force among women, and an incredible success.

But, did you know that she was once demoted from her TV slot on a regional station? She was removed from her co-anchor role and took a period of time in far lower posts than she was truly worthy of having.

Did it stop her? Did it heck. Oprah’s subsequent story is evidence that rejection should never hold you back from achieving your ultimate goal.

Have you faced rejection and turned your life into a huge success?
Do you coach women in recognising that facing challenge
and set-backs doesn’t have to be the end?
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