(and they might surprise you…)

1 Tina Turner

Perhaps not often cited as an obvious feminist or icon in the story of feminism, but given it’s Tina Turner’s birthday this week, we thought we’d reflect on what her story means and why we should rejoice for her unique place in the world.

As we all know, Tina turned her back on an abusive relationship, and found her own path – both privately and professionally.

She’s spoken at length in subsequent years about her time married to Ike Turner, and about the decision to walk out on a life of physical and emotional destruction.

It took enormous courage for the singer to do so, but her story helps remind us all that even when we think there’s huge risk in letting go and starting over, sometimes, it really can be the making of us.

Never has Tina Turner had cause to ‘look back’. Indeed, her career has undoubtedly become far greater than it might ever have been if she had remained in a cruel marriage.

2 Alice in Wonderland

Yes, that’s right. We’re championing a literary character.

Why? Well, this week marks the anniversary of when Alice in Wonderland was published in America by Lewis Carroll.

So, just what is so great about Alice as a character in female history?

Without asking you to delve through the recesses of your memory too much, or to turn yourself into an overnight literature analyst, let’s just remind you that she really did ‘turn the tables’ on the idea of needing to be seen as a damsel in distress.

She was great at defying social stereotype (from behaviour to clothes), and arguably was her very own ‘saviour’ by allowing herself to be her own person, and to embrace a world of dreams, joy and fantasy.

3 Mary Berry

This week sees us celebrating National Cake Day (as if we need a labelled day in the calendar to allow us to go stuff ourselves with a slice of Lemon Drizzle…).

We’re therefore honouring Mary Berry, because she, perhaps above and beyond all other TV chefs of the female variety, is the one who has us thinking about delicious homemade Victoria sponges, and who has us remembering that indeed, it’s ok for us to want an indulgent sweet treat which reminds us of time with our grandmothers.

Why else do we love Mary Berry so much?

What’s not to love about a woman who is in her professional prime at the age of 83!
Yes, that’s right. She’s an Octogenarian.

So for all you ladies who are ever caught in that moment of thinking ‘you can’t’, or ‘it’s too late now’, well, change that dialogue.
Mary is absolute proof that you never know what the future holds, or how great your future could look.