If you could wrap and ribbon one gift for all your friends and family, here’s one we know you’d love to be the generous provider of….HAPPINESS.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could pluck it off the shelves and pass it on to every individual whose life and love you cherished?

Sadly, it’s one of those money-can’t-buy ‘things’, which doesn’t come in simple guaranteed commodity-form.

Still, that’s no reason to assume you can’t help yourself and others achieve a greater degree of happiness – even in the smallest of ways.

Take time in honour of International Day of Happiness, on Wednesday 20th March, to reflect on some of our suggestions for promoting a state of happy.

1 Gratitude in all things

It’s often so easy to forget what you have to be grateful for, when life is challenging, work is busy, and it seems like there’s a million and one things on the to-do list.

Take time to remind yourself, every day, of three things you have to be grateful for.

It might be the wonderful partner you have, the fact that you enjoy a job which allows you to help other people, or that you are able to walk via a park to reach work.

However small the reason, remind yourself, say thank you out loud for it, and perhaps make it a daily ritual to write it down in a gratitude journal.

2 See life as a child

We all know that children seem to be so much happier and more relaxed.

Why wouldn’t they be? There’s less commitments and pressures than we experience as an adult.

You can’t go back in time, but you can consider something which typically makes a child enjoy a happier state.

Perhaps it would be reminding yourself of the joy of jumping in a puddle, eating an indulgent ice-cream, or deliberately seeing a television programme or performance which is likely to make you laugh.

3 Take the weather with you

It’s not guaranteed that the sun will shine on the very day you want to find a state of happiness, but Vitamin D certainly does a lot to lift the spirits and get you a little closer to a happy state.

Embrace the opportunity to get outside and perhaps share in a walk with a colleague.

The fresh air can work wonders for the soul.

4 Write away your worries

Are anxieties and doubts causing you to be removed from a potential happy state?

While you may not be immediately able to remove them, there’s something to be said for writing them down, and allowing yourself to air that worry on paper.

Equally, if you have the chance to share in a conversation with someone and express your worries, the very fact of externalising the concern will make you feel a great deal better.

5 Switch off and Silence the World

Happy doesn’t have to mean shouting out with glee at a fairground, and can actually be found even more easily in a state of silence and reflection.

Try taking some time for some mindful breathing in a quiet space.

You may want to run a bath and enjoy doing so in the sanctuary of your own home…but even just a sit on a park bench and a few moments of peace can go along way to restoring a level of calm happiness.

6 Companionship for Comfort

Happiness is often found when we share company with others. Make today the day you have that phone conversation, share a coffee break, or arrange a movie night with someone whose company you love.

Not only will you feel happier – but no doubt they will too.