Are you a born romantic who believes February 14th is perhaps THE most wonderful date in our nation’s calendar?

Or do you feel it’s a commercial con, and find it actually really affects your mental health and state of emotional wellbeing?

Here, we explore that conflicting set of opinions and suggest a few ways you could evolve your mindset for a better outcome.

Just as we choose to love or loathe festivities like Christmas, Thanksgiving and even birthdays, Valentine’s is one sure to divide opinion.

You may well love the idea that cupid and his trusty romantic bow and arrow are celebrated every year on 14th February.

You may be of the view that this is a welcome and joyous day for Interflora and Hallmark Cards to make lots of money from us spreading gestures of affection.

Alternatively, you might be of the mind that this is a day to be banished.

You might despise the event and find it actually has a danger of pushing you further into a mood of negativity, regret, remorse – or even envy.

We can certainly see why it would be a day which runs the risk of tapping into someone’s frail mental health issues, particularly if they happen to be recently heartbroken, bereaved, divorced – or just feeling like they’re so over-worked and professionally focused that their life is lacking the kind of love and affection which would make the universe seem a little kinder.

So what’s the answer, we hear you cry.

Do you refuse to get out of bed, or can you find a way to cope with this particular point in the calendar.

Well, we’re going to do our best to assist.

Here, from the Eloquently Her team, are five ways of reflecting on Valentine’s Day to ensure you’re helping maintain a little all-important self-love.


We get it.

You may well end up being one who Mr Postman forgets to pay a visit to.

You may suffer a lack of Valentine’s cards today, or wish you had someone you could shower with flowers, but focus instead on what you HAVE got in your life that makes you so much more fortunate than many.

It’s been said so many times that the happiest and most successful people in life are those who always choose to reflect on what they have, and think in an abundant mindset, rather than one of lack and deprivation.


Not everything is about romance and grand gestures.

You can easily make yourself – and someone else – feel so much better on this particularly ‘awkward’ day, by showing a little ‘appreciation’ in a manner which isn’t creepy or cheesy.

Love comes in all forms. Turn it on its head a little today and make yourself feel great about being a ‘giver’, simply by buying your colleague that cup of coffee today, or telling them how much you appreciated their help with a project or deadline.

There’s nothing gushing about that act, but the sentiment can be just as heart-warming.


True. It really isn’t the easiest act to put on – having to ‘pretend’ to be chuffed for another loved-up person.

That said, it really IS possible to improve your own mental health in that moment, by choosing to allow yourself to be positively affected by the happy mood and experience of another.

If a colleague wants to share with you about their happy plans or the treat their romantic partner did for them, be the gracious person who takes a moment to listen and to support them in their state of bliss.


Not going to be whisked out for a romantic meal?

Right then. Plan to have yourself an uninterrupted bath, surrounded by candles, when you get home from work.

Enjoy your favourite chocolate pudding after tea, or grant yourself a full hour reading your latest book of choice.

Commit to something in this day which will truly feel like self-love and appreciation. The mere thought of it sure to propel you through your day.


Really not sure anything else in the day is going to make you feel loved or to be more loving?

Stuck in your own headspace of negative words and annoyed sentiments around Valentine’s Day? Well, you’ll just have to flip that thinking and TALK OUT LOUD.

We’re not suggesting you want to do this in a publicly shared toilet during your workday necessarily, but when you can, even if it’s before your head hits the pillow, say out lout to yourself some really positive affirmations which confirm how much reason you have to love yourself and your life.

Tell the world that you’re witty, hopeful, determined, resourceful, empathetic….and that, if nothing else, you plan on making next February 14th even better!