It’s unlikely you’ve been able to avoid the incessant commentary of late, about two particular women, supposedly engaged in some kind of unhappy feud.
Yes, the press and social media addicts are coming up with plenty of column inches and analysis about sisters-in-laws Kate and Meghan.

We’re given to believe by some pundits and gossips, that the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex are far from happy with one another.

The banter ranges from suggestions that they’re refusing to engage in amicable conversation, to those alleging that there’s been out and out rows.

Personally, we’re taking the view that this is A) probably completely unfounded nonsense, and B) not really our business.

What it does make us consider though, is how often it is that we’re led to believe that women can’t naturally champion other women.

Why is it that there’s a social assumption that a female colleague wouldn’t be cheerleading the promotion or performance of another?

What makes us feel there ‘ought’ to be some kind of competitive ugliness between two women, in a way we wouldn’t expect to see with men?

So, today, we’re calling out anyone who ever makes the assumption that women can’t be the supporters and saviours of each other, and we’re urging every single female to be an even better version of themselves, when it comes to ‘bigging up’ that brave, bold, beautiful woman in their personal life or work.

Here’s three ways you can start RIGHT NOW at being a greater female ally in your workplace or private world.

1 Tell Her She’s Great

Yes, pretty simple isn’t it?

Do you forget to pay a compliment to that woman in the HR department who always dresses so damn well?

Do you love how she styles herself, or that she’s faced her divorce with such dignity, or that she always remembers the way you take your coffee?

All too often we can forget to pass on kindness with a few simple words. This validation could be everything that woman needs. Go on. Speak up.

2 Have The Courage to Learn From Her

If you admit that at times you feel envious of a particular female colleague, and that sometimes you’d just rather not know how incredible she is at that skill you struggle at, perhaps it’s time you turned it on its head.

Why not let that female know how impressed you are, and, that you’d really value her time or wisdom to impart some of that skill?

You might just be surprised how much it means to that woman to know you see her as accomplished at one skill or task or role.

3 Refuse to be Drawn into Cattiness and Cruelty

You have a choice – each and every day – not to be lured into conversations which are designed to malign other people.

Even if the comment you hear is fairly tame about another female, if you still know that it’s not meant with good intention or kindness, you can choose to rebuff or ignore it.

Make the decision to do all you can to perpetuate only words and acts of kindness to fellow females.

Have you experienced unkindness from another female because of your success, and did you find a way to tackle it? Whatever your experience, please get in touch and let us know your story.