Remember the days before email, when somehow we found it incredibly normal to send postal greetings which took days (and some) to reach the lucky recipient?

Remember how Christmas became that time of year when you’d definitely sit down with a pen and write – at the very least – a few minimal words to a friend, loved one, or work colleague?

Somehow Christmas cards seem to have steadily become less ‘normal’ over recent years, and you can guarantee that every year you’ll get at least one or two pals saying they’ve opted instead to preserve the paper excess and the ‘planetary harm’ and instead to donate their money to a starving cow in Africa or to a school in their local community.

No judgment for either choice. But should we women still be championing the idea of those humble cards and their communicative power?

Do we ought to savour the chance to stick on our pyjamas on a Sunday afternoon in December, watch The Holiday (again) and pen a brief note to her nearest and dearest? Heck yes.

Today we’re suggesting that’s exactly the choice you should go for.

Is it because we want to add to paper use and to forestry devastation? No. Not in the least.

But it’s because we think there’s huge value in taking the chance to personalise a card and take time over reflecting – one card at a time – on the special nature of your female friendship.

Want more convincing?

Here’s five reasons to go make the hot chocolate, dig out your bestest pen, unbox a beautiful pile of festive cards, and start penning your personal greeting during a wintry film-fest.

1 The Pen is Mightier Than…

Sure, you don’t need to pen letters and cards and notes anything like as much as we once did, but that doesn’t mean there’s not something incredibly powerful about picking up a pen and taking time over a personalised note.

The very fact that we receive fewer handwritten gestures in the mail, means they’re even more significant for the recipient.

2 Charity Affection

If it makes you feel a whole lot better as you wrestle with the idea of contributing to more paper, don’t forget that you can choose your cards based on which charities receive donations.

Most producers have teamed up with a cause or organisation to give some of their proceeds to that particular body.

3 Therapeutic Thoughtfulness

It’s not just about what you’re doing for the recipient when you choose to sit down and write that card.

That moment of pause, in which you’re sitting on the floor, thinking only about that individual as you write, it’s as impactful for you and your therapeutic comfort as it is for anyone else.

It’s restful. It’s meditative even. We suggest doing it utterly uninterrupted by kids or partners.

4 Reflections for the Soul

What’s also great about writing to someone after 12 months, is that there’s likely always something you can reflect on about the year you’ve had, or that they’ve had.

This gives you a great chance to think about what your friendship or relationship has seen since the last Christmas. You don’t need to write an essay, but something which picks up on that past few months is great for both of you.

5 Uniquely You

And if you really want to turn this card malarkey into a special exercise, you can of course use it to emphasise your personal creativity.

Who says you have to buy a pack?

You could just as easily turn your hand to crafting ones of your own.

A card is your chance to give a slice of you in the season, so if it feels better to emphasise your creative genius, well, go ahead and do it your way.